MOU Candidates - CFE Prep Resources


As an MOU candidate, you likely have lots of questions.  Densmore has a free online session to help answer some of those questions, navigate through the CPA process as well as to help you attack the CFE.  You can access the online session here and the related pdf file here.

The CPA Competency Map Study Notes is the perfect partner for your technical study and can be purchased here.

There will also be a number of courses available to help with your studies.  The Bridge Course to Capstone will help improve your case writing skills during the January to April period.  CFE Prep will help prepare you for the CFE.  Choose the option that works best for you!

CFE Prep First Time Writers

CFE Prep is a program for first time CFE writers.  It provides excellence in teaching that candidates have consistently rated as the best they have ever experienced.  There are five days of onsite or online case-based training and supplemental online sessions to be viewed prior to the course to assist you with Capstone 1. 

This program gives you approach strategies and skills development for all three days of the CFE. All practice cases include full marking guides, marker grids, and online walkthroughs to show you writing examples and the recommended approach.  Practice cases written during the course will be marked.

At Densmore, we consider the quality of our cases and marking to be our key strength.  We invest hundreds of hours each year in understanding the CFE methodology, trends and expectations, and preparing our cases, so that our program reflects what you would expect to see on this year’s CFE.

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Bridge Course to Capstone

If you have completed the CPA PEP modules (or are exempted from the modules) and wondering what to do between now and Capstone 1, the Bridge Course to Capstone is right for you!  This self-study program is designed to maintain your confidence and build case-writing skills while waiting for Capstone 1 to begin.

This course is not meant for experienced CFE writers.

This course includes an online Day 3 approach session as well as six CFE Day 3 practice cases designed to reinforce case writing skills and commonly tested topic areas. Practice cases include full marking guides and marker grids as well as online walkthroughs to show you writing examples and the recommended approach. 

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