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Core 2 Essentials


Course Summary & Details

The Core 2 Essentials course includes everything you need to pass the Core 2 PEP Module.  Includes multiple choice and objective style quizzes, technical tutorials and notes, practice cases and walkthroughs plus a practice exam.

This is a license for a single user.

This course is a mix of online and self-study sessions designed to prepare a candidate for both the technical objective testing components and the case writing skills required for the module exam. A study plan is provided to pace candidates through the material prior to the exam date. Included in the course are the following components:

*Online Study Plan session

*Multiple choice quizzes organized by CPA competency topic area

*Objective style questions to test your technical knowledge once you have completed the technical review component

*Technical resources in the form of both online tutorial and supplemental PDF notes by major topic areas which can be downloaded from the site.

*Online session on Case Writing Approach

*Six practice cases, paced appropriately to the exam date with marking guides and marker grids for each case

*Online walkthroughs for each case to teach debriefing and refinement of writing and planning skills; as well as expected high frequency testing areas with approach strategies

*Online session on exam strategy

*Exclusive access to the Densmore forums

*4 hour practice exam, designed to simulate the final module exam

Electronic access to all materials will be immediately available once you have registered, via website access and ebook.  A hard copy of the multiple choice and objective style questions and solutions, practice exam and practice case marking guides and marker grids is available for a fee upon checkout.

All material is accessible for one year from the date of purchase.