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I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work teaching the Densmore CFE Prep course that I attended.  I think the approaches I learned at that course were the single biggest factor in successfully placing on the National Honour Roll for the September 2016 CFE, and I would like to extend my gratitude not only to you, but to the entire team at Densmore!

--M. Stam (2016 CFE Honour Roll)

The online walkthroughs and the cases are an outstanding learning tool.  The cases that are part of your programs are more challenging than the actual CFE/challenge exam cases in my opinion, which is fantastic as it prepared me better.  The walkthroughs are so detailed and the instructors conducting them take the candidate through it in extreme detail and provide helpful insight in how to approach/mark/debrief the cases.  The Densmore program and the people running it are phenomenal and have helped me tremendously in my road to passing the CFE.

--O. Parker (2016)

I cannot fully express how appreciative I am that Densmore exists for students such as myself. I’ve watched all the Densmore online modules/case walk-throughs and can’t count the number of times that I felt stuck on a particular subject (foreign exchange translation or NFP accounting) and the relief I felt having it clarified in such an easy, efficient way.

--K. Vu (2016)

I took your Densmore CFE Prep course in Toronto this summer.  I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support!  I never would have been so successful and made the Honour Roll if it wasn't for all of Densmore's resources and support.  Thank you also for all of the study tips and making candidates feel confident that they can pass!

--M. Hiltz (2015 CFE Honour Roll)

I think you are absolutely amazing!!! You made me learn and understand lot of competencies in depth. I admire your style of teaching and explaining. I think you're doing great job!

--M. Panchal (2015)

Thanks to Densmore's fanstastic training program, I was able to successfully complete all four challenge exams this past fall without any issues.  I have nothing but good things to say about the program.

--C. Sgro (2015)

Oh and I am happy to announce that I passed and I really believe your course had a lot to do with it. Specially your notes and power points and especially the case studies. I am so happy with the Prep course that I will be getting it before every one of my Modules so I can prep for it using your notes.

--J. Knispel 

Instructors make you feel confident that you will pass.  They make you feel like it is possible and give really good study tips to stay confident.

--C. Kwiathkowski CPA

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