Densmore Team

The Densmore staff at planning meetings, from left:  Carol, Lacy, Amie, Kathy and Jackie.


We are also very fortunate to have Darren Lee, Tammy Crowell, Paul Morris and Cara Chesney joining us on the lecture team. There are over 25 CPA's involved in our exam process as editors, practice writers and authors.  On top of that, more than 200 CPA's from across Canada have been part of our marking centres each year. We have some of the most dedicated trainers in the country...our team is extremely important to us and we thank them for their contribution to the program!

Densmore Team:

Carol Jones lecturer, course development, and administration

Kathy Wolfe author and administrative coordinator for all courses

Amie Lear lecturer and course/exam development

Jackie Day editor, marking coordinator and administration

Lacy Trussell editor, facility coordinator and administration