Cara Chesney




Cara received her CPA in 2005 and in the same year became a marker with Densmore. In the years since then, she has developed a passion for helping CPA candidates work towards their designation. 

Cara spent 10 years of her career at a large public accounting firm. She then returned to her hometown to work at a company in the aerospace industry. During that time, she had the opportunity to act as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Prince Edward Island, which made made her realize how much she enjoyed working directly with students.

Upon returning to Ontario in 2014, she joined a mid sized accounting firm, but in her spare time she is involved with Densmore as a marker and lecturer, CPA Ontario as a session leader and facilitator and is an adjunct professor with the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

She also enjoys running (although slowly) and recently completed her third Dopey Challenge at Disney World.


Densmore Team:


Carol Jones lecturer, course development, and administration

Kathy Wolfe author and administrative coordinator for all courses

Amie Lear lecturer and course/exam development

Jackie Day editor, marking coordinator and administration

Lacy Trussell editor, facility coordinator and administration

Amy Chandler administrative assistant

Paul Morris lecturer

Darren Lee lecturer

Cara Chesney lecturer

Tammy Crowell lecturer

Candace Moody lecturer