Darren Lee



Darren obtained his CA designation at a Big Four accounting firm and worked there for several years as a tax manager. He now operates a tax and finance consulting practice in Toronto that focuses on advising high net worth clients and small businesses.

He began marking for Densmore in 2001 and over the years his roles have evolved to include editing, authoring, and lecturing. Darren was also a marker at the UFE marking center and a marker and lecturer for the Ontario School of Accountancy for several years. Outside of Densmore, he is involved in the same roles in preparing students for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exams.

After learning from Bruce that success on the CFE requires a good work-life balance, Darren continues to apply it in his life. He travels the world as a competitive and award-winning marathon runner who is always in search of the perfect race. Any other spare time is spent with his first love, the piano. Here is a link of his recent performance with an orchestra in Los Angeles.

Densmore Team:


Carol Jones lecturer, course development, and administration

Kathy Wolfe author and administrative coordinator for all courses

Amie Lear lecturer and course/exam development

Jackie Day editor, marking coordinator and administration

Lacy Trussell editor, facility coordinator and administration

Amy Chandler administrative assistant

Paul Morris lecturer

Darren Lee lecturer

Cara Chesney lecturer

Tammy Crowell lecturer

Candace Moody lecturer