Lacy Trussell

Lacy received her CA designation in 2005, earning a spot on the National Honour Roll, and has been involved in CPA training ever since.  She was UFE coordinator for her local firm offices for 2 years, before leaving for industry in 2007 where she was the manager of financial reporting for a large public company.  She has participated in the UFE and School of Accountancy marking centres, was a facilitator for the PEP modules and has also authored, edited and marked for Densmore since 2005.

Lacy lives in Niagara, Ontario, with her husband Matt and 2 children.  They enjoy camping during summer vacation and actively serving in their local church community.

Densmore Team:


Carol Jones lecturer, course development, and administration

Kathy Wolfe author and administrative coordinator for all courses

Amie Lear lecturer and course/exam development

Jackie Day editor, marking coordinator and administration

Lacy Trussell editor, facility coordinator and administration

Amy Chandler administrative assistant

Paul Morris lecturer

Darren Lee lecturer

Cara Chesney lecturer

Tammy Crowell lecturer

Candace Moody lecturer