Paul Morris




Paul received his designation in 1987. After 11 years in public practice in assurance and taxation with a national firm, he continued his career in industry. Paul has been a marker, lecturer, content developer, curriculum designer and course coordinator in the Atlantic region and a marker, marking supervisor and content developer at the national level. In addition to lecturing for Densmore, Paul develops case materials, produces online training sessions, and edits the Taxation chapter of the Competency Map Study Notes.

Paul and his wife, Sheila, live in Bedford, NS and have two children in university. Paul is an avid photographer and enjoys fishing and other outdoor activities.


Densmore Team:


Carol Jones lecturer, course development, and administration

Kathy Wolfe author and administrative coordinator for all courses

Amie Lear lecturer and course/exam development

Jackie Day editor, marking coordinator and administration

Lacy Trussell editor, facility coordinator and administration

Amy Chandler administrative assistant

Paul Morris lecturer

Darren Lee lecturer

Cara Chesney lecturer

Tammy Crowell lecturer

Candace Moody lecturer