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The important people in your life need to understand what you're going through as you prepare for the CFE. Here's some advice.

Are you concerned that August is too late to take a CFE Prep course? Don't be! There are several reasons why it might be the best timing for you.

Do you REALLY need a study partner? YES! Read on...

If you were unsuccessful on the September 2017 CFE, you have until the end of December to decide whether to appeal your results and/or order a PAR.

Unsuccessful CFE 2017 Attempt

On December 1, 2017

If you were unsuccessful on the 2017 CFE, we feel your pain and would like to share some words of wisdom.


On December 1, 2017

You did it! You passed the 2017 CFE. We want to congratulate you on a well-deserved victory.

Performance Cues

On August 3, 2017

Paul Morris has a few tips on how to use performance cues to improve your responses.

Capstone 1 - Stay on Task

On June 27, 2017

This is a long race. Focus on the hurdle that is in front of you. The finish line will come soon enough.

Scenario flowcharts will help you apply your technical knowledge to specific case facts in a relevant, effective and efficient manner.

The Knowledge Gap

On March 22, 2017

Stressing over your lack of technical knowledge? Don't! Focus on bridging the gap between acquiring knowledge and applying knowledge.