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The CFE and COVID-19

On March 25, 2020

Like you, we do not know what is going to happen; however, we do know we can only control what we can control. If you are planning to write the CFE in September, ask yourself what you should be doing now to prepare. In other words, what can you control?


Regardless of the circumstances, our recommendation has always been to prepare using a balanced approach to avoid burnout. This should not change. Whether you are a first-time writer who has completed Capstone 1 (or waiting for the start of Capstone 1), or an experienced writer, this is still our advice.


Set aside a maximum of four to five hours each week for technical review. Don’t worry if you miss a week or two over the next few months. Your overall objective is to have your technical knowledge base in place by July.


Note that reviewing technical for the CFE is different from learning technical for objective-format questions. The focus is different. You need to get an understanding of what the relevant decision choices are for a topic. So, instead of just memorizing, break the technical down into the POSSIBLE decision choices. When you write the issue in a case, you will use the case facts given to decide what decision choices are RELEVANT to analyze. This process will train your brain to think in terms of developing depth in your case response, not just regurgitating technical knowledge.


It is a long way to September and with the added stress of what is happening in the world right now, do not overdo it at this point. Remember, you can only control what you can control. Stay safe and healthy!


The Densmore Team

(March 25, 2020)

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