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A Study Partner is More Important in this World of Isolation

On April 20, 2020

We are often asked if a study partner is really needed to prepare for the CFE. The answer is always YES. That is not to say that it can’t be done on your own, but the reality is that a study partner will help improve your odds of passing and help you maintain perspective during the CFE process.


What are the benefits?


ACCOUNTABILITY. Putting things off when you are working from home is way too easy. We all need someone to help us stay on task (and that person should not be your mother or spouse!). In this new world of studying from home (assuming libraries are still not open in August), knowing someone else is counting on you to “show up” – even if it is online – will keep you honest.


REALITY. Reading what someone else writes keeps the CFE process real. It is not going to be perfect either. If you only look at the marking guide, you will never get the perspective of what is doable in the time frame. Reading a realistic response, instead of perfection, can reduce your stress immensely.


OBJECTIVITY. Your study partner will mark your response for you as soon as it is written, objectively assessing what you wrote. You will do the same with your partner’s response. Yes, you will need to email your papers to each other and use track changes to make your comments, but the process is manageable. Compare this to marking for yourself where you will tend to mark based on what you were thinking, instead of what you typed. Trust us, there is a big difference!


Start looking for a study partner soon if you haven’t already. For those of you registered in our CFE Prep course, you can post on the Densmore Forum under the topic “Study Partner Search.”


The Densmore Team

(April 20, 2020)
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