CFE Prep Courses - 2018

Register now for one of our CFE Prep courses (onsite or online).  For more information regarding online vs. onsite options, click here.

Onsite Locations and Dates

Vancouver, Halifax - July 11-15, 2018

Toronto, Calgary - July 14-18, 2018

Edmonton, Ottawa - July 25-29, 2018

Toronto - August 2-6, 2018

Online Practice Case Submission Options

July 7-22, 2018

July 21-August 5, 2018

August 4-19, 2018

Please note that if you choose to register for the online course, you will have access to the online course resources from July 1st to Sept 14th, but you will need to choose which time period you’ll be submitting your practice cases for marking.

CFE Prep Online (No Marking)


Pay Deposit Only: 300.00

Course Summary & Details

CFE Prep is a program for first-time CFE writers.  It provides excellence in teaching that candidates have consistently rated as the best they have ever experienced.  There are five days of online case-based training and supplemental online sessions to be viewed prior to the course to assist you with Capstone 1. 

This program gives you approach strategies and skills development for all three days of the CFE. All practice cases include full marking guides, marker grids, and online walkthroughs to show you writing examples and the recommended approach.  

At Densmore, we consider the quality of our cases to be our key strength.  We invest hundreds of hours each year in understanding the CFE methodology, trends and expectations, and preparing our cases, so that our program reflects what you would expect to see on this year’s CFE.

This is a license for a single user.

This program gives you approach strategies and skills development for all three days of the CFE.

Included components:

- Five days of online sessions (available in early July)

- Online sessions to help prepare you for Capstone 1

- 13 skill drills to test your technical knowledge in quantitative analysis

- Online depth session specific to your Day 2 role case

- One Densmore original 2018 CFE Day 1 case (based on your Capstone 1 case)

- Two Densmore original 2018 CFE Day 2 cases

- Six Densmore original 2018 CFE Day 3 cases

- Online walkthrough sessions for all practice cases by experienced Densmore lecturers

- Hardcopy of all course notes and exam booklets and related materials, including a book of scenario flowcharts for commonly tested topics

- Study and technical review plans

- Candidates’ forum to post questions and get answers from Densmore coaches, and regular postings by Densmore lecturers to help keep you on track


Online access will be available until September 14, 2018.


Total course fees are $1,199 + tax.  A deposit of $300 can be made to reserve your spot, with final payment due by June 15th.  The deposit is non-refundable after the pre-course resources are made available in early March.


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