Densmore Marker Positions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Densmore marker!  The number of applications received has been overwhelming which means we have more markers available than needed for the current marking season.  All applicants have now been contacted but please note, all applications will be kept on file in the event circumstances change and we determine additional markers are needed.  Even though the marker application is still available (without any available dates, watch for the 2018 marker application in late January / early February 2018.


Markers are the life-blood of any quality CPA education program. Densmore Consulting Services Inc. contracted with over 200 markers in 2016.  As we continue to grow so does our need for qualified markers.   Densmore is actively seeking markers with CPA Canada or provincial marking experience; firm marking experience; and a very limited number of markers with no previous experience but a positive attitude and a desire to assist candidates. We especially encourage graduates of our CFE Prep courses to apply for a marking position.  If you are applying as a new marker, we recommend you try to obtain marking experience through your firm's internal marking pool or apply to become a marker with CPA Canada and note that on your application.



Please contact Jackie for additional information on marker fees.


All new Densmore markers will be required to participate in an online marker training session as well as mark sample responses for review by a team leader before your first marking session.


All marking is done remotely.  The turnaround times for the marking sessions is provided on the detailed application (available late January / early February).  You will be contacted with an invitation to mark certain marking sessions, based on your application.  Before committing to mark remotely for a specific date, you will have an opportunity to indicate the maximum number of papers you are willing to mark.  Please note that the specific number of papers that you are assigned to mark may be less than the maximum you are willing to mark.  The actual number of responses allocated will be provided at least 24 hours before marking begins but if we are aware of maximums being imposed we will notify you in the email sent the week before marking starts.


Please note that an application to mark on specific dates does not necessarily mean that we will be able to use you on those dates.  Those who are able to mark the same case for more than one marking date will be given first preference.  Once those markers have been allocated, we will determine our marking needs for the remaining dates and notify markers who have indicated an interest in those dates.  If your situation changes and you are able to mark additional dates, please let us know as soon as possible.

All applicants will be contacted by the end of April.  All information for a particular marking session will be sent out approximately one week prior to the marking session start date.  If you have not received any information from us and it is within a week of your first marking date, please contact Jackie.


Please notify Jackie if your mailing address, phone numbers or e-mail address changes.