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All new Densmore markers are required to view the "2021 New Marker Training Session" before their first marking session. While we recognize many new Densmore markers have other marking experience, the training session is intended to outline the Densmore marking guidelines and expectations. New Densmore markers will also be required to mark two sample responses as part of the training which will be reviewed by a Densmore team leader. Details on this process will be provided in the marker invitation email. Because the new marker training takes place in early June, new markers will not be eligible for marking for the May CFE Prep course sessions.

Densmore experienced markers will be required to view the online "2021 Densmore Marker Refresher Session" before their first marking session.

When completing the marker application below, please keep in mind:

  • All marking is done remotely.
  • The application includes marking sessions for both the May and September CFE Prep courses.
  • Fee: The marker fee is $73/Day 2 case response marked and $31.50/Day 3 case response marked. A prep fee equal to an additional response (e.g., $31.50 for a Day 3 case) is paid and intended to compensate the marker for time needed when marking a case for the first time (e.g., to read the materials, to watch the marker debrief, to mark a sample response before live marking begins).
  • "Available" & "Deadline": "Available" is the date responses will be available while the second date ("Deadline") is the deadline to complete all of your marking. Responses are available by 12:01am PT on the "Available" date but may be available earlier as all courses are online and candidates may upload responses earlier. All marked responses must be returned by 11:59pm PT on the "Deadline" date (all sessions use the Pacific time zone). When applying for a marking session, keep in mind that you will need to be available via email for the day following the "Deadline" in the event the team leader has any questions during their final quality control checks. Team leaders will "clear" markers when marking is complete (i.e., all papers have been checked and cleared).
  • "Responses": This represents the number of responses you are able to mark during the marking session. When deciding how many responses to mark, Day 3 cases are expected to take approximately 30-45 minutes while Day 2 cases are expected to take 60-90 minutes to mark and provide the expected feedback. The number of markers required for each of the marking sessions is dependent on the number of candidates registered.
  • "Minimum Responses": When applying for a marking session, markers will be required to mark a minimum number of responses. For Day 3 cases, the minimum is 5 responses and for Day 2 cases the minimum is 3 responses.
  • Day 3 cases typically have 5 to 8 assessment opportunities (AOs) while the Day 2 cases have 12 to 14 AOs.
  • French responses: French marking is only available for the August NPE sessions. The sessions specify that French marking is available.
  • Cancellations: Given the uncertain times, marking sessions may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Those who have applied for those particular sessions being cancelled will be contacted as soon as we are aware of any changes.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Densmore marker!

Marking Sessions

Responses Available Deadline
CFE Prep
The Taylors (Day 3 case)
CFE Prep May Sat, Mar 27 Mon, Mar 29
CFE Prep I Thu, Jul 08 Sat, Jul 10
CFE Prep II Sun, Jul 11 Tue, Jul 13
CFE Prep III Sun, Jul 25 Tue, Jul 27
Elyse Burch (Day 3 case)
CFE Prep May Mon, Mar 29 Wed, Mar 31
CFE Prep I Sat, Jul 10 Sun, Jul 11
CFE Prep II Thu, Jul 15 Sat, Jul 17
CFE Prep III Tue, Jul 27 Thu, Jul 29
Fanatix (Day 3 case)
CFE Prep May Wed, Mar 31 Fri, Apr 02
CFE Prep I Wed, Jul 14 Fri, Jul 16
CFE Prep II Thu, Jul 29 Sat, Jul 31
CFE Prep III Tue, Aug 03 Thu, Aug 05
Kepler Aerospace (Day 2 case)
CFE Prep May Sun, Apr 11 Wed, Apr 14
CFE Prep I Sun, Jul 11 Wed, Jul 14
KPMG Bootcamp Thu, Jul 22 Sat, Jul 24
CFE Prep II Sun, Jul 25 Wed, Jul 28
CFE Prep III Sun, Aug 01 Wed, Aug 04
Additional Practice Exams
Forward Vision (Day 3 case)
NPE (French marking available) Sat, Aug 14 Mon, Aug 16
EY Fri, Aug 20 Sat, Aug 21
Wild Care (Day 3 case)
NPE (French marking available) Sat, Aug 14 Mon, Aug 16
Agriculture Alliance (Day 3 case)
NPE (French marking available) Sat, Aug 14 Mon, Aug 16
Great North Timber (Day 2 case)
NPE (French marking available) Sat, Aug 21 Mon, Aug 23
EY Thu, Aug 26 Fri, Aug 27
Additional Practice Fri, Aug 27 Sun, Aug 29