CFE Prep - Day 1 Only - May 2020

Our CFE Prep - Day 1 Only course will help prepare you with tutorials on CFE Day 1 case writing skills and a full practice case.

CFE Prep - Day 1 Only - May 2020


Course Summary & Details

This is an online course that includes the following:  Approach for Day 1, Preparing a Bridging Document, Writing Exercises and Skills Training, and Study Plan for Day 1 only. 

(If you have purchased one of our CFE Prep courses, this content is included in that course.)

This is a license for a single user.  

Materials will be available in early April 2020.

This program gives you approach strategies and skills development for day 1 of the CFE (whether you are writing the 2019 or the May 2020 Capstone 1 case).

Included components:

-       Approximately six hours of online sessions

-       One Densmore original CFE Day 1 case with marking guide, sample marked response, approach walkthrough and writing examples session

-       Sample response and debriefing guide for September 2019 CFE Day 1 case

-       Study plans

-       Forums to post questions and get answers from Densmore coaches, and regular postings by Densmore lecturers to help keep you on track


Online materials will be available until May 28, 2020.


Total course fees are $149 + applicable tax.  Course fees are payable upon registration.  


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