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Choose an Assurance Elective product that's right for you.  We provide practice cases and walkthroughs, a practice exam or a full exam essentials package.

We offer a discount if you purchase multiple essentials packages with us.  You will pay full price for the first essentials package.  Then you will receive a discount of 20% on the second essentials package purchased, 30% on the third and 40% on the fourth (total discount value on four modules of $296).  To receive the discount, you do not need to purchase all packages at the same time.

Assurance Elective Practice Exam


Course Summary & Details

One four-hour practice exam simulating the Assurance Elective Module final exam.

Included with Assurance Elective Essentials program; therefore, do not purchase separately if Assurance Elective Essentials is purchased.

This is a license for a single user.  

This practice exam is designed for students taking or challenging the Assurance Elective module.  This is a full practice exam including objective style questions and case simulations that should be attempted within time constraints.

Exam and solutions, marking guides, and marker grids are available electronically upon registration.

Access to the practice exam and to the solutions, marking guides and marker grids is available only until the exam date (April 2, 2020).

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