CPA Competency Map Study Notes - English

Select the digital or print versions (or the package including both versions) of the CPA Competency Map Study Notes.  Print versions can be delivered within Canada.  Please choose the digital version if you live outside of Canada. 

The 2021 version of the book will be available for shipping in early January.  There are not a lot of changes anticipated for the new version this year.  If you purchase the 2020 ebook version now, the changes will automatically be available to you in January 2021.  If you purchase the 2020 print version now, you will be able to download, at no additional charge, a technical update PDF from the website in early January which will detail all changes.  


CPA Competency Map Study Notes 2020 Hard Copy (English)


This is a two volume softcover spiral bound reference source that provides coverage of the entire CPA Competency Map for candidates to use throughout their CPA studies.

Note:  The cost of the book includes shipping within Canada by Canada Post.  Most deliveries will arrive within 5 - 10 business days.  As we only ship to Canadian addresses, please consider the EBook version if you are outside of Canada. 

The CPA Competency Map Study Notes book is laid out by competency area in a summary note style to aid in studying.  Candidates will use this to review technical areas where they need extra help as they progress through/challenge the various modules.  It will minimize the need to buy other technical references and streamline a candidate’s technical study.  Written by Kathy Wolfe. Updated to reflect IFRS, ASPE and CAS technical up to December 2019.

A sample excerpt can be found here.

One annual update will be available for no charge. For those of you who purchased the 2019 edition of the CPA Competency Map Study Notes, here is the update to December 31, 2019.