CPA Competency Map Study Notes - English

Select the digital or print versions (or the package including both versions) of the CPA Competency Map Study Notes.  Print versions can be delivered within Canada.  Please choose the digital version if you live outside of Canada.   Listen to Alex Kowalski, a 2020 successful CFE candidate, and his opinion on this book.


CPA Competency Map Study Notes 2021 Package (English)



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Includes both digital and print edition versions.  This is a license for a single user.  

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It is laid out by competency area in a summary note style to aid in studying.  Candidates will use this to review technical areas where they need extra help as they progress through the various modules.  It will minimize the need to buy other technical references and streamline a candidate’s technical study.  Written by Kathy Wolfe. Updated to reflect IFRS, ASPE and CAS technical up to December 2020. 

A sample excerpt can be found here.

Purchase of this bundle provides you with access to the ebook until December 31, 2023 and the ebook will reflect the most current version of the CPA Competency Map Study Notes until then.

Includes an electronic version with very limited printing rights. The EBook is hosted by VitalSource Bookshelf (  You will be required to download and install reading software in order to access this version. The book is compatible on most desktops, tablets and handheld devices.

For those of you who purchased the 2020 edition of the CPA Competency Map Study Notes, here is the update to December 31, 2020.