French CFE Resources

We offer the following CFE resources in French.  We also offer our CPA Competency Map Study Notes technical resource in French here.

CFE Day 3 Cases - Package 1 (French)


Course Summary & Details

One additional 4-hour CFE Day 3 practice exam.  This package includes three cases with detailed full solutions and marker grids (in French), as well as marked sample responses written in the suggested time and instructor-led sessions for approach with writing examples (in English).  

Cases are Glo Glassblowing Studio, K9 Academy and ConX Components.  

This is a license for a single user.

Intended for use during the April/May study period (May 2021 CFE) or the July/August study period (September 2021 CFE).  

Online materials will be available until September 15, 2021.